Public Records

Sheriff Rob Streck is committed to ensuring your rights to promptly inspect and/or receive copies, in a reasonable amount of time, of the public records maintained by the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office. To assist you, the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office enacted Schedules of Records Retention and Disposition, and a record and document management policy that are available for your review.

Please direct your public record inquiries to the Records department at 345 W. Second St, Dayton, OH 45422 , where most of the public records are maintained. This department is open Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. 

The Records Department only accepts cash, check, or money order.

Public Records Policy (PDF Format)
Public Records Request Form (PDF Format)

Public Records Request 
Form RC 100

While not mandatory, if you fill out this form it will help us provide the public records you are requesting in a more timely fashion.



Address Line 2:

City or Town:

State or Province:

Zip or Postal Code:





With as much specificity as possible, please describe what records you want to review

There is no charge to inspect records. Please check your preference below.
 I would like to inspect these records in the building when they are ready.
 I would like these records copied, and I will pick them up when they are ready.
 I would like these records copied and mailed to me at the address on this form.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office provides photocopies of public records according to the following schedule:
-10¢ per copy.
-25¢ per certified copy 
-$4.00 for Crash Reports

Record provided is not in the form of a paper document will be charged accordingly:
-CD w/ electronic files- $1.00 each
-Miscellaneous records - Price will be charged based on cost to the Sheriff's Office

Records mailed or faxed will be charged accordingly:
-Fax - .10¢
-Mail (#10 envelolpe) -.50¢
-Mail larger than a letter size envelope will be charged actual cost

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office may require payment in advance for the cost involved in providing the copy of the public record.


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