Harrison Township



PHONE: (937) 890-1287 
EMAIL:  parind@mcohiosheriff.org

Harrison Township is a unique mix of business and residential areas within its eight square miles and has a total population of approximately 26,000 residents.  Harrison Township contracts for police services with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.  The Sheriff's district substation is located at 5945 North Dixie Drive, Dayton, OH 45414.  You may contact the offices by telephone at (937) 890-9581, fax (937) 890-1286.

Harrison Township is divided into four districts or patrol beats, two in the Shiloh, Meadowdale, Ft. McKinley areas, and two in the Northridge area.  The normal patrol functions include responding to dispatches and calls for service, taking reports from citizens and victims, initial crime scene investigation, traffic and speed enforcement, accident investigation, and proactive or preventive patrol.  Bike Patrol deputies supplement the traditional form of patrol in marked police cruisers.

Detectives assigned to Harrison Township are responsible for conducting follow-up investigations on all property crimes, robberies, financial crimes and misdemeanors reported within the township. 

Neighborhood Watch Program
The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office supports an active Neighborhood Watch Program for the citizens of Harrison Township.  If you currently have a program in your area and want further information, or if you are interested in forming a group, please contact us at (937) 890-9581. The goal of the Neighborhood Watch Program is to increase awareness and involvement at the grass roots level.  With citizens actively involved in the safety of their neighborhoods, the chance for criminal opportunity is substantially reduced.

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