Court Operations

court1The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Court Detail is responsible for and maintains the security of ten (10) County buildings, including: The Dayton-Montgomery County Court Building, The Common Pleas Court Building and the Family Court Center.

The normal hours of operation for the Court Buildings are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.  All People entering the Court are requested to remove all objects from their pockets and walk through a metal detector.  All packages and carry-type bags are sent through an x-ray machine.  This check is required for the safety and welfare of all who enter the buildings.

Video-CourtThe Montgomery County Sheriff's Office operates a Video Arraignment Court from the Montgomery County Jail. The video arraignments are conducted with the following courts: Vandalia Municipal; Miamisburg Municipal; Kettering Municipal; Montgomery County Area #1 & Area #2 Courts and Common Pleas Court.

Video Arraignment provides a great cost savings to the residents of Montgomery  County.  It eliminates the officer hours needed to transport inmates to the Court by allowing local law enforcement officers who made the arrest to stay in their assigned patrol areas continuing to provide service to the community.

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