STARS Program


The STARS Program was developed to provide schools and other youth-based programs within Montgomery County a Prevention Program led by Law Enforcement.

The STARS program consists of five teaching modules: 21cafd86fe7eac0dc913af5341c832d4
STAND STRONG: I will not be a bully
STAND SMART: I will not use drugs and alcohol
STAND STILL: I will think before I act
STAND SAFE: I will not use weapons
STAND AND SERVE: I will think of others first

Each of these teaching modules can be taught as a stand-alone module or as an overall prevention piece for students of all ages. The STARS program uses visual object lessons and interactive presentations that encourage students to take charge of their own lives and to believe they can achieve greatness by becoming a STAR!

If you would like information how you or someone you know could become a STAR or would like information regarding our program please contact Larry Lane at 937 496-6694 or

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