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Contact Staff

Divisions Name Email Phone
Command Staff Sheriff Rob Streck StreckR@mcohiosheriff.org 937-225-4192
Command Staff Chief Deputy Daryl Wilson WilsonD@mcohiosheriff.org 937-225-4192
Command Staff Major Matt Haines, Community Services HainesM@mcohiosheriff.org 937-225-4456
Command Staff Major Jeremy Roy, Jail Division RoyJ@mcohiosheriff.org 937-496-3060
Command Staff Captain Mike Brem, Washington Township BremM@mcohiosheriff.org 937-432-2720
Command Staff Captain Greg Stephens, Radio Communications/Fleet Management StephensG@mcohiosheriff.org 937-496-7043
Command Staff Captain Jay Wheeler, Regional Dispatch Center WheelerJ@mcohiosheriff.org 937-384-2451
Command Staff Captain Julie Stephens, Jail Division StephensJ@mcohiosheriff.org 937-224-3619
Command Staff Captain Andy Flagg, Jefferson Township FlaggA@mcohiosheriff.org 937-496-6887
Command Staff Captain Dave Parin, Harrison Township ParinD@mcohiosheriff.org 937-890-1287
Command Staff Captain Brad Daugherty, Jail Division DaughertyB@mcohiosheriff.org 937-496-6964
Command Staff Personnel Director Julie Droessler, Esq. DroesslerJ@mcohiosheriff.org 937-225-4065
Command Staff Director of Information Technology, Bart Kincaid KincaidB@mcohiosheriff.org 938-224-3829
Command Staff Director of Criminal Justice Outreach, Teresa Russell RussellT@mcohiosheriff.org 937-496-6728
General C.H.L. Hotline 937-225-4216
General Recruitment Office mcso-jobs@mcohiosheriff.org 937-496-7542
General Regional Dispatch Center Non-Emergency Line 937-225-4357
General Regional Dispatch Center Emergency Line 9-1-1
General Sex Offender Registration & Notification Unit 937-496-6869
General Sheriff Sales/Foreclosures Department 937-496-3065
General Records Department 937-225-4096
General Media Director Christine Ton, Media Inquiries & Requests TonC@mcohiosheriff.org 937-224-8418
General Property/Evidence Room 937-225-4145
General Legal Process 937-225-4024
General Crime Tip Line, Miami Valley Crime Stoppers 937-222-7867
General Larry Lane, Community Resource Officer/Volunteer Services LaneL@mcohiosheriff.org 937-496-6694
Townships Harrison Township General Line 937-890-9581
General Expungements & Car Towing Information 937-225-4008
Townships Jefferson Township General Line 937-225-4177
Townships Washington Township General Line 937-433-0152
Montgomery County Jail Transportation Sergeant 937-496-6921
Montgomery County Jail Jail Housing Sergeant 937-225-4084
Montgomery County Jail Court Security Sergeant 937-496-7702
Montgomery County Jail Inmate Work Program 937-496-6921
Montgomery County Jail Medical Director (Naphcare) 937-225-3456
Montgomery County Jail Medical Billing & Records (Naphcare) 937-225-6170
Montgomery County Jail Inmate Account Clerk (Inmate Funds) 937-225-5793
Montgomery County Jail Inmate Chaplaincy & Programs Coordinator 937-225-4105
Montgomery County Jail Inmate Information Line 937-225-4160
Montgomery County Jail Jail Population Manager 937-225-3483
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