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Thank you for your interest in having a Montgomery County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) speaker at your event.  We value every opportunity to connect with the communities we serve and protect.

MCSO personnel are available to speak on a wide variety of topics including:

General Safety  Awareness
This presentation will make you aware of some of the dangers and how to avoid certain kinds of situations that present a danger to your safety.  It will give you some options if you ever find yourself caught up in one of these dangerous situations.

How To Keep Your Kids Safe Online
This presentation will focus on what parents can do to keep their kids safe online.

Modern Trends in Drug Usage
We will explore emerging drugs and trends in Montgomery County.

2023 Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Initiatives 
Sheriff Streck will discuss which initiatives we are focusing our attention on in 2023.

Human Trafficking
A general overview of human trafficking and ways to stay safe, and common barriers that prevent victims from seeking help.

Scams & Fraud Impacting Older Adults
Education & awareness presentation to help prevent elder abuse.

2023 Teen Drug Trends
Current substance addicting trends amongst teenagers as well as exploring newly emerging drugs and drug related topics.

Opiate and Other Drugs Town Hall
This presentation focuses on the opioid epidemic in Montgomery County.

Identity Theft 101
An overview of identity theft and how technology is being used to steal our personal information.

Cyber Security 101
A detailed primer about the dangers of technology and how to safely use computers, cellphones, and online services.

 In order to help us facilitate your request, please complete and submit the form below:

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